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Tips For Hiring The Right Restoration Company For You

Dealing with damage to your home or business can be a scary and stressful process.  Whether the damage is from fire, water, storm or some other event, this can be an emotional drain on you.

Fortunately you do not have to deal with this situation on your own.  Property restoration companies specialize in cleaning up damage and putting your home or business back together.

Choosing the right restoration company is the first step to insure a smooth recovery process.  Below are some steps to take when considering a property restoration contractor.

  • Be comfortable with who you hire.  You will be spending time with the contractor and having on-going communication with them throughout the restoration process.

  • Notify your insurance company.  This is the first step in the process.  Most insurance companies can provide you with quality restoration companies that can respond immediately to assess damage and start the mitigation process.

  • Identify certified restoration companies.  Property restoration is a uniquely specialized process.  It is best to work with those that meet training and licensing standards.

  • Response time.  Look for companies that offer 24/7/365 response to disasters.  It is the restoration company's job to respond as soon as possible to clean up debris or perform emergency services and protect your structure or belongings from further damage.

  • Ask for references.  A reputable property damage restoration contractor will be able to provide you with references from past losses they have completed.

  • Ask for a detailed cost estimate and timeline of project.  The restoration contractor should understand your need to know how much the project will cost and length of time it will take to complete.  Your Project Manager should take the time to walk the loss with you and discuss the project.  It is also important to take pictures of any damage.  Your contractor should take these pictures also to document the damage.

  • Confirm guidance through the insurance claim process.  A reputable and experienced restoration company should be well-versed in this process and willing to assist you in filing an accurate claim.

  • Be aware of scammers.  Red flags include:  Prices and promises that sound too good to be true, up-front payment requests, high pressure sales and lack of credentials.

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